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Website Development Predictions for 2018

Web Development

Website Development Predictions for 2018

Michelle Hunter February 13, 2019
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Prediction for Web Development

Each and every year, any niche out there is concerned about following what’s new or what’s trending. There are certainly some things in Web Design that we might see on websites this year such as the Parallax Scrolling effect, more high-quality images and videos, among many other things.

What do you think will be implemented for web development this year? Read on to find out some of my bold predictions.


Node.js has certainly become one of the most popular big data frameworks out there. It has paved the way for Javascript to be used on the server-side which provides the flexibility that many developers want and need. However, despite its heightened popularity a few years ago, it is going to plateau this year and it might possibly go down by the end of the year.

Ruby on the Rails is no longer something that we want to use, although it still has its own applications. Python, although by no means a beginner-friendly coding language, is fun to use. And, it will only increase in popularity thanks to the emergence of machine learning.

Website Development Predictions for 2018

Since .NET has become open-source, we are expecting to see a lot of new implementations by the coming months and years. C# is still a very powerful programming language to this day and it is going to continue its stride moving forward.

You don’t really need to use Visual Studio and we can expect to see more amazing mobile and web apps as well as different libraries being implemented this year as well.


Angular.js used to be the granddaddy of them all, but has since been overthrown by React.js due to its simplicity and its overall use. Are we going to see another framework that could potentially overthrow React.js?

There are certainly some popular contenders with the likes of Vue.js among the others, but since React has been loved by many developers, I do not see it overtaking React.js at all. But, it would be interesting to see if there is a new player that is willing to challenge that.


Website Development Predictions for 2018

There has been a growing suspicion that people are going to be using “Serverless” platforms. However, this might not be the case, but we shouldn’t discard the possibility. For any budding developer, my advice is this: you have to start learning more about deployment pipelines, container orchestrations services, and DevOps.

Now, be prepared to spend a lot of time learning them since, as of the time of writing, you have to actually learn them all one by one. There might be some group of developers who will help streamline the entire process in the future, but for now, we might have to go with some manual processes for the time being.


And my last bold prediction is pretty much about GraphQL. This has been built in-house from Facebook and has since been introduced sometime in 2015. We are going to be seeing this on the rise and I am excited to see how this is utilized.