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The 6 Deadly Mistakes in Website Design

Web Design

The 6 Deadly Mistakes in Website Design

Michelle Hunter November 30, 2018
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Web design is an important aspect of a website. Without making use of web design best practices, you end up with a webpage that is bland and boring. However, there are also some web designers who make use shady tactics that will try to lure people into the site, only for them to get trapped into oblivion and an endless sea of annoyances that will make their site visitors never visit the webpage again.

In today’s article, I will talk about the 6 deadly mistakes in web design that you should never try to implement based on the website development company.

New Windows

Back in the day, there is this SEO criterion known as bounce rate where the longer a person stays on your site, the lower your bounce rate would be (which is good for the site owner).

That is why web developers make use of new window pop-ups that leaves the original page (where the pop-up link was clicked) still opened. This tricks the search engines algorithm into thinking that the person is staying on the particular page for a long time, even though their intention was to move to another page.

However, the algorithm has since been changed to make sure that this trick will never work again. Furthermore, when you do this nowadays, people will be sure never to come back to your site ever again.

Disable the Back Button Completely

This is probably one of the deadliest mistakes that you could ever do as a web designer. There are some evil sites that completely change how the back button performs. Normally, when you click on the back button, it gets you back to the last page you’ve been to before you clicked the link.

However, there are some cases where the back button either redirects you to another page (which is mostly undesirable) or that the button doesn’t do anything at all (because it is disabled completely).

Although it accomplishes some things for you, it never is a good thing for your customers. So be sure to, again, never do this.

Not Updating Links (to something that works)

From time to time, the links that you’ve put on your website goes bad or broken and when people click them, they either get stopped because of an error or they might get redirected to another page.

That being said, it is important that you keep your site updated. Occasionally do some testing to see and find any broken links and have them changed to something that works immediately.

Slow Loading Times

We live in a predominantly fast-world and if your customers will have to wait for seconds or even minutes just for your site to load up, they will most likely never come back.

Ensure that you’re doing things that will cut the loading times in half. You could get a much faster server or service provider or you can look at your different site elements so that they load quickly.

Poor Site Navigation

People will shy away if they find a website that has compelling content, but with poor site navigation. It is quite annoying to be two or three pages in and you have to use the back button just to get back to the homepage.

What you have to do is implement certain navigational elements to make your users’ lives much easier. Embedding a link to your homepage on your brand or logo is a good start. Implementing other things like breadcrumbs and anchor menus can also help as well.

No Social Media Buttons

Social media is a huge part of any website now. If you fail to incorporate that, then you’re truly missing out on a grand opportunity. Add Social media buttons so that people can instantly share your posts and other content right on their own pages with ease.