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How to Choose the Best Dress Watch for Men?

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How to Choose the Best Dress Watch for Men?

Michelle Hunter February 4, 2020
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Are you looking for a new dress watch?

There are plenty of men’s watches in Malaysia you can choose from. Since tons of brands offer quality dress watches, expect to watch shopping to be stressful and overwhelming. Below are 4 important things you must take note of in buying the perfect dress timepiece.

Watch Movement

Consider a dress watch as a good investment. The best option for this is still Swiss watch movements. If you don’t mind having a thorough watch maintenance routine, buy a Swiss-made mechanical watch. Considering the level of craftsmanship and premium materials used, this is a good investment you would want to have. Quartz movements are not poor choices, though! Quartz timepieces are reliable and more affordable.

Watch Dial

You don’t need a timepiece with a chronograph function or huge diamonds to impress your colleagues. There is no need to invest on a watch with impressive features that you wouldn’t be able to use in the long run. A dress watch is something that is won on formal occasions and other special events. Therefore, simplicity is your number one priority. You just need a classy accessories that tells time. Go for a dress watch with a minimalist appearance, and round dial shape. Go for a black or white dial. This style can go with any outfit. If you want, you can also go with colored dials. If you do it right, it can add more flavor to your outfits.

Watch Case

Your dress watch’s case must be soft around its dial edge, with some little details. That way, it can serve some subtle elegance. In addition to this, it’s crucial to select a watch case type that matches your overall outfit. If your watch case is made of white gold, platinum or steel, you can combine with accessories and clothes with black, blue and grey shades. On the other hand, if it is gold plated, it must go with earthy tones.

Watch Strap

There are tons of watch strap variations out there. Though, the best choice for a dress watch is a leather strap. It will not only look good, it will also feel comfortable on your wrist. For many men, having a dress watch with interchangeable straps is a number one option. Based on your clothes for the day, you can easily change strap colors and types.