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7 Foods that Kill Your Sex Drive

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7 Foods that Kill Your Sex Drive

Michelle Hunter December 4, 2019
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People think that men only have testosterone and women have only estrogen, but that
is not the case. In fact, both hormones are actually present in the bodies of both sexes
and that only the concentration levels of it differ from one another.

That being said, if any of these hormones are imbalanced in your system, it can cause
lower libido any may negatively impact your sex drive. Fortunately, libido boosters and
eating the right foods can help with this.

Although there are foods that can boost libido, there are also those that can have a
negative impact on it as well. So today, I am going to be talking about some foods that
are known to kill your sex drive.

Processed Foods

Yes, they are convenient to eat because you just have to heat it a little bit and consume
it afterward. However, processed foods are called as such because the processing of
whole foods can literally deteriorate most of their nutrient content.

For instance, whole wheat is typically processed into white flour and the resulting
product has just a quarter of the original zinc content found in whole wheat.

Not only that but white flour can also lead to insulin resistance, as well as decreased
sexual function.

Diet Soda

Drinking soda, in general, is a bad idea as its high sugar content does not bode well for
your body. But, diet sodas are no exception. Its use of artificial sweeteners like
Aspartame is known to the decrease in serotonin levels for those that drink such

Low serotonin levels lead to unhappy moods and a definite decrease in libido for both
men and women.


Let me be clear about this one: There is nothing wrong with alcohol consumption,
especially if it is consumed in control levels. However, if you are drinking way too much
than your body can handle, not only will it negatively affect your libido, but it can also
lead to a man’s inability to maintain an erection.

According to nutritionist, Dana James, you can consume alcohol by following the 2:1
ratio where you drink 2 parts water for every part of alcohol.


Excessive sugar consumption can lead to a lot of unhealthy medical conditions. First, it
can lead to diabetes if you consume a lot of sugar. It can also lead to weight gain which
indirectly causes a decrease in libido for both men and women. Men, in particular, can
suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result of increased body mass and high blood sugar


Since most of the cheese that you can buy on the market is derived from cow’s milk, it
may also contain lots of synthetic hormones as well. These hormones can negatively
affect your hormone levels which can definitely screw with your libido.

Bottled Water

Don’t get me wrong, our bodies need water. But it is actually the plastic container that is
the culprit here. That is because plastic bottles may contain Bisphenol A which can lead
to poor quality sperm in men and lesser egg production in women.


Although it is a rich source of plant-based protein, soy-based products actually contain
phytoestrogens that mimic real estrogen in women.
Excessive phytoestrogen content can lead to a decrease in libido and hormonal
imbalances in both men and women.